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Denim + Collection


Crafted for the high-style obsessed, Caveat is a simply cool collection of everyday essentials awash in modern updates. The result: Urbane expressions for men and women with a dash of edge.

Inspired by Americana tradition, Caveat elevates the denim and ready-to-wear experience with an homage to couture construction and tailoring.

Our approach to design and manufacturing is refreshingly unconventional, a departure from today’s world of fast fashion. From our Made 2 Order to our Made 2 Wear, we’re dedicated to the difference a detail makes. Each Caveat creation boasts precise needlework, inspired embellishments, fine-milled fabrics, curated cuts and meticulously executed techniques.

This is contemporary design-house realized.





Founder + Creative Director


As a kid growing up in Brooklyn, I fell in love with the arts…Woman and Fit (in that order). Like many boys around the globe, I developed quick instincts and honed in on the greatest man move…the head turn. A wise man once told me “find something you love and do it over and over until you have it mastered.” His words, my bond. To this day, an amazingly fitted pair of jeans on a woman has the ability to stop me dead in my tracks. If that’s not love, then I don’t know what is.

With no formal educational in design, the maverick in me opted for unconventional tutelage. I hired a tailor full time to hone my technical knowledge on fit and fabrication. Frankly, going back to school didn’t interest me. I needed to live it. Product and brand development, sourcing, strategic marketing, merchandising, scouting talent, customer service, and business management are now all part of a days work.

I find inspiration in upwardly mobile creatives that value substance over superficiality. I’m passionate about creating the right products for the right people that serve a purpose and provide value. Explanation kills art, therefor I earnestly present you CAVEAT.